I think many of us knew this all ready


I suspect the ratio could narrow further yet. Only time will tell as more and more females are diagnosed. I for one can’t be the only one who reached the grand age of 56 before discovering the real me. People talk of late identification/diagnosis in their twenties and thirties. That’s only delayed, late is over 40 or 50 I’d say, when you have spent a significant amount adult life feeling like the proverbial square peg in a round hole (cue visual cartoon like images running through my head of a square peg being bashed by a mallet in an attempt to fit it in a round hole). And anyway, who said this HAS to happen in childhood?  It doesn’t matter when, it’s still an awakening. Yes, childhood diagnosis can get the autistic certain accommodations to ease the awful journey through school (notice I said school, not childhood. It’s the most horrendous environment for any autistic child, the trauma and feelings of stress are still with me today 4 decades later), and hopefully in the workplace, but really, it’s the identification at any age that’s important. 

May the rise in female autistic identification continue, there are still many,  many out there struggling but not understanding why or knowing how to help themselves. I can’t say that the initial months were easy for me, I suspect the older we are at the time, the greater the identity crisis. However, 8 months on I really believe this could have been best thing that happened to me, I am now so much more comfortable in my own skin. This is who I am, I finally understand “me”. And I am convinced there are many more under the radar yet to make this same amazing discovery. 


Author: thiswomanisdifferent

Coming to terms with Asperger's syndrome at 56 years old.

One thought on “I think many of us knew this all ready”

  1. I discovered this post a bit late, but you definitely aren’t the oldest person to discover you’re on the spectrum. Late 60s for me, and still kicking at nearly 81. I think the ratio will keep getting closer as more women speak up.


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